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How to fix AOL Frozen screen problem ?

 Arrangement 1: Restart Your Computer  Restart your PC to close the superfluous backend projects and fabricate sufficient space for AOL Gold to work easily.  Output your machine to ensure no Trojan, worms, or infection is available. Be that as it may, in the event that you find malevolent programming, quickly eliminate it. Something else, your AOL Gold will freeze.  Next, ensure your telephone has rapid, stable Internet access.  In the event that the difficult remains, go to AOL Desktop Gold Download  .documents and endeavor to begin the program from the symbol. In the event that this move takes care of your freezes issue with AOL Gold, substitute the antiquated AOL Gold symbol on your work area.  See bearings underneath for the Internet that won't empower you to get to ADG openly:  In the event that AOL keeps on locking, play out the reinforcement and reestablish measure from your PC to get the working framework in its earlier condition.  If AOL freezes in IE11, at that point, rei